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Robert Paul Blumenstein

Outskirts Press, Inc.

Paperback 5.5*8.5 $15.95
ISBN 9781432715205
Hardback 5.5*8.5 $29.95
ISBN 9781432709075
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Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc
Pub. Date: December 22, 2007

Fiction/ Psychological thriller/ Mystery

Reviewed by Maria Gouna

Highly Recommended

Robert Paul Blumenstein lived in both Carolinas before finding his way to Virginia where he completed his graduate studies in theatre and now resides. He worked in the mental health care system assisting the state in deinstitutionalizing long-term mental health patients. Therefore, his experience served as an inspiration for writing “Snapping the String” which is the second book in “The Ascension Trilogy”. Some of his other works include “Flirtin’ with Jesus” and “Storied Crossings”. Visit him at

“Snapping the String” is about Peyton Costello, an eighteen-year-old teenager whose father is a research chemist and works for a pharmaceutical company. Peyton, after experimenting with drugs, returns home just to find his parents brutally murdered. The police discover him blood-soaked and hidden in the fireplace and from then on he is considered the prime suspect. Due to his mental condition he is wrongly diagnosed as mentally ill and therefore he is admitted to Mid-Virginia Mental Hospital where he has to face various kinds of treatment such as electroconvulsive shocks, hypnosis and tranquilizers. However, he has to be declared mentally competent to stand trial! His only hope appears to be Sonja Day an advocate who, in cooperation with a criminal defense lawyer, tries to give Peyton a chance to establish his innocence of his parents’ deaths. Will they achieve their goal? After almost two decades in the Mental Hospital how will Peyton cope with freedom and with the truth behind his parents’ murders? Is he able to face reality? Will he ever find peace or will the medical and legal system work against him?

The novel is divided into sixteen chapters and being written in a simple style it is easy to read by everyone but it especially caters to readers who love mysteries and psychological thrillers. There is action in every incident and this is what keeps readers glued to the page. It’s a book full of twists and turns and certainly with the most unexpected ending. Its plot is very well constructed and stimulates the reader’s interest. Finally, I would definitely recommend it to those who look for an opportunity to “broaden” their mind.

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