Saturday, September 27, 2008


Liana Metal

ISBN: 978-1-4092-2451-8
Language: English
Country: Greece
Edition: First

print book=$ 17.33

Children Stories/ Fiction

Reviewed by Maria Gouna

Very Highly Recommended

Liana Metal is an EFL teacher and freelance writer from Greece. She has been writing articles, children’s stories, non-fiction books and short stories, as well as ELT books for classroom use for a very long time. Among her books are: “ The Hostel”, “Bedtime stories”, “Writing Basics”, “Flowers for Women”. You can visit her at: htpp:// and at her blog:

The book, as the title itself suggests, contains three stories. The first story, The White Snail, is about a snail that differs from the others in that he is not brown but he is white and so he thinks that he is not as beautiful as the rest of the snails. As a result, he decides to paint his “house” brown! But what will happen? Will he be able to achieve his goal? Will the other snails laugh at him or accept him as he is? And finally, will he ever realise that to be different is not bad?

In the second story, Let’s Bake a Cake, the twins Nadia and Toby and their friends decide that they have to do something for Tom’s birthday because he is staying with his grandmother and consequently he will not have a birthday party or presents. What they come up with is to bake a cake and organise a surprise party in Nadia and Toby’s backyard. How are they going to bake the cake? They do not know how to cook or any cake recipes. Is the party going to be a success or a complete failure? Will Tom be happy to have such good friends?

Finally, the last story, Achilleas’ Pet, is about a young boy (Achilleas) who loves animals and has already got four pets but he desperately wants one more; a tortoise that he found in the fields. However, his mother does not allow him to keep it at home, so he has no choice but to hide it in a flower pot. Unfortunately, one day the tortoise is nowhere to be found. Will Achilleas find it? Will he convince his mother to keep it?

“Story Time” is an excellent example of the writer’s ability to enter the children’s world of imagination. Written in a simple language without difficult verbal images or exaggerations and double-spaced, it is a book that is suitable for very young children as well as for the “older” ones. Moreover, it is fully illustrated by the writer herself and this is an aspect that makes the book more interesting and entertaining. Most important of all is the fact that the writer tries and succeeds in introducing young readers to concepts such as discrimination, racism, friendship, love for animals and being helpful in an amusing and easy way. Through these three stories Liana Metal conveys three different morals. It is absolutely a book that caters to everyone!

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